Liquid Kratom Side Effects And Dosage

Kratom is a herbal supplement whose source is natural growing trees in Southeast Asia. The locals have used it for years as either a stimulant or sedative, depending on the amount they consume. Kratom has many benefits in the medical area being that it is a pain reliever, lowers high blood pressure, reduces stress and induces sleep, among other purposes.

It has many consumption forms, some preferring to chew the leaves of the tree, others preferring to consume it in powder form as tea and some using it in the firm capsules. There are disadvantages of using such administration, such as slower effect kick-in when one takes gel capsules or powdered Kratom. For this reason, liquid Kratom becomes the better option.

What is liquid Kratom?

It is Kratom powder in its liquid form. A lot of leaves have to be used to make it, therefore, making it more concentrated than powder or raw Kratom. Due to its high concentration, one needs less quantity to produces the desired effect.2×, 5×, 10× and other similar numbers are used to denote the strength of the liquid. The best feature about it is that you can take it without any additional preparation hence it is very convenient.

Effects of liquid Kratom

Since different strains are used to extract the OPMS liquid Kratom, the results will depend on the particular product used. However, the overall consequences are a feeling of sedation when one takes in large doses, which comes in handy for individual suffering from insomnia. It also causes relaxation thereby enabling a person to focus for long periods without feeling stressed or anxious. Liquid Kratom is an analgesic making it useful for relieving pain such as in patients who have experienced extremely painful accidents or procedures such as fractures.

Does it have side effects

Liquid Kratom can cause a person to develop tolerance very fast due to its high concentration of alkaloids like mitragynine. Tolerance results in someone needing higher doses to get the desired feeling, making one an addict eventually. Attempting to reduce the treatment will cause withdrawal symptoms which can be very severe and include insomnia, aggression, running nose, muscle and joint pain, among others. The high dosage can cause failure of some organs especially the liver and kidney, as well as the respiratory system. Due to their severity, a person may need therapy to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms.

Right dosage

It is advisable to adhere to the appropriate dosage to avoid developing tolerance quickly. Droppers are used to administer it, and one dropper is rough to produce an energetic feeling while two droppers leave you sedated. You should avoid swallowing, but instead, you should squeeze the drops under your tongue where the blood vessels absorb it, giving an almost instant effect. Please remember to shake the bottle always before use.

On the upside, liquid Kratom is more economical than Kratom powder.