Guide to Using Maeng Da Kratom for Beginners

In this guide, we’ll go over the uses for taking maeng da powder, and ways that you can use this powerful strain of kratom leaves.

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Maeng Da is known for having darker leaves and turning even more green when crushed up into a powder, and it’s believed to have originated in Thailand, according to Kratom News.

Why You Should Use Maeng Da Kratom

There are several different benefits of using maeng da kratom, but most people who take these leaves are looking for pain relief and stimulation.

While some have reported not to feel the effects of maeng da kratom, others believe it to be one of the strongest strains of kratom.

Those who use maeng da kratom are known to become more alert and awake, and according to Kratom Guides, this strain of kratom leaves can be compared to cognitive enhancers.

Maeng da kratom is also known to help people effortlessly process more information, which is great for those studying for a test or working on a mentally draining task.

These kratom leaves are also for people who are dealing with depression. Maeng da kratom leaves are known to be able to change a person’s mood and help improve their mental state, giving them joy throughout the day.

How You Should Use Maeng Da Kratom

As far as consumption of maeng da kratom, you can take it just like other kratom leaves — either by food or in a drink. Check recipes of kratom at . The most popular way to take almost any kind of kratom is by grinding it down into a powder and then mixing it into tea.

There are places that sell maeng da kratom as a powder to save you the trouble of grinding it up yourself. The quickest way to gain the effects of maeng da is to take the “toss and wash” approach, where you toss the ground up maeng da kratom leaves into your mouth and wash it down with a liquid.

It is recommended that a person take 20 percent less maeng da compared to other kratoms in order to feel the proper effects.

But as is the case with most other kratom leaves, the smallest dosage to feel its effects is 2 grams, while the maximum dosage one should use is 10 grams.

Taking 10 or more grams of maeng da kratom could result in making one feel extra sleepy and relieve any pain, putting one a sedative kind of state.

There are side effects of taking maeng da kratom such as dizziness and anxiousness. It is always recommended to start taking kratom in small doses until you understand any possible side effects for you.

This strand of kratom also contains more alkaloid than others, which is something to consider before taking these leaves.