Etha Natural Botanicals Kratom Review

In some past months, we are working and trying to test different kratom vendors and gathered user reviews who tried different kratom vendors. If a person follows all user reviews and useful guide then he must be knowing kratom and what it does in our body.

Today we are going to review another pioneer of the kratom community which is Etha Natural Botanicals.

What is Etha Natural Botanicals?

Etha Botanicals is a joined project of two businessmen named Alexander and Victor Chung. Both of them conjoined to produce this company which is not made without any vision.

Alexander was a spinal disease child which caused him so many pains. Similarly, Victor Chung was an athlete who got a lot of injuries in his life career. Both of them used kratom and found peace in it which afterward lead them to establish a company to provide this product to other people.

What are Etha Natural Botanicals hot selling Products?

Some of their hot favorite and best selling products are mentioned below:

  • Etha Pure Vein

This product is available at their online store in four colored strains such as red, green, yellow, and white. This product is available in powder form in the sizes of 75 grams, 500 grams, and 1000 grams at the price range of $34.99, $114, and $159.

They also offer pressed tablet which worths $10, $54.99, and $239 for the sizes of 7.5 grams, 75 grams, and 500 grams.

  • Etha Premium Botanical Blend- Maeng Da

This premium is a fusion of two Etha Botanicals white and green vein strains. This blend is also available in both powder and pressed tablet whose price ranges from $10 to $276 relies on the weight of the product in grams.

  • Etha Premium Botanical Blend- SunRise

This blend is a fusion of two leaf strains such as green vein and white vein with a little sign of red vein to might give it a boosting effect. This blend is available at the starting rate of $10 to $276.

  • Etha Botanicals- Travel Pack Tablets

They have three varieties in this travel pack which is available in pure, premium, and full travel packs involve 4 to 8 different blends or in compressed tablets. These travel packs are available at the rates of $10 to $55 and ideal for traveling which means these are easy to carry.

Great Quality

Etha Botanicals are meant to provide high-quality kratom and for this purpose, they start from importing it from the harvesters of Indonesia. The vendor manufactures the products itself and doesn’t involve any third party which might result in low standard products.

This vendor believes in transparency which means it conducts lab tests of all products and then posts the results online for all users.

Shipping and Delivery

Etha Natural Botanicals offers fast shipping within 2 days and also provide you with the option to track your order. Unluckily, Etha Botanicals could not ship their products to some of the states and countries. But they will work in future to provide their products to all the states and countries.